Since the brand’s promising arrival to Kuwait, Cadillac has unceasingly pushed the boundaries of design and engineering in the nation, earning much deserved recognition and status due to the groundbreaking cooperation it had with Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive, Cadillac’s exclusive distributor in Kuwait. Founded in 1932, the company’s rich heritage and distribution services are synonymous with market leadership, determinedly built through a lifetime of trust and success with numerous affiliations and international commercial brands.

Within that same spirit, Cadillac has maintained its leadership in the world of luxury automobiles by redefining the design, performance and technology envisioned by its parent company, General Motors. And thanks to the premium services provided by its Kuwaiti distributor, the brand has managed to elevate its iconic vehicles to an even higher plane of prestige. From designing a range of refined interior features and sleek exterior lines, to adding raw power and finishing touches that enrich the driver’s sense of individuality, Cadillac has intuitively managed to blend the worlds of dynamic engineering and contemporary chic lifestyle with a remarkable degree of success.

And thanks to Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive, namely its outstanding facilities, communication channels and various promotional activities, the Cadillac brand has never been in better hands. For the Alghanim enterprise has also provided Cadillac with the biggest and most advanced service center in the world, expertly managed by the most capable engineers and technicians, and equipped with the latest technology equipment for car maintenance. This all coalesces so beautifully with the company’s award-winning customer service team who readily understands the unique needs and luxurious lifestyle of a Cadillac owner, whose loyalty and satisfaction are just one of the many awards enshrined in Cadillac’s never-ending trophies stand.

Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive was the first General Motors distributor appointed in the GCC, and whose ongoing commitment to achieving the excellent standards of General Motors has established it as one of the best local and international enterprises known for superior customer satisfaction and service.