2018 ATS Sedan
Dealer Advertised Price KWD  8,999
Complimentary Service & Maintenance available for Five years or 100,000km as standard on all Cadillac vehicles
4 Years Roadside Assistance available as standard on all Cadillac vehicles
Worry-free Vehicle Warranty for 4 Years or 100,000km as standard on all Cadillac vehicles


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HIGHLIGHTS 2018 ATS Sedan assertive combination of raw power, exceptional braking and fine-tuned handling Beneath its long, low lines lies an assertive combination of raw power, exceptional braking and fine-tuned handling. The only thing that rivals the styling of the 2018 ATS sports Sedan is its equally bold performance. It is by all means a vehicle that’s as fun to see as it is to drive it.
PERFORMANCE UPGRADE THE EVERYDAY With a 4-cylinder engine and a near-perfect 50/50 front-to-rear balance, the ATS luxury sports Sedan is both agile and powerful. It is built to bring performance, precision and exhilaration to every ride, every time.
LIMITED -SLIP REAR DIFFERENTIAL Power under control. When going through curves, the available Limited-Slip Rear differential redistributes power to the drive heels accordingly, providing more control.
POWERFUL ENGINE High performance. The ATS Sedan is powered by a 2.0 Turbo engine that offers a thrilling 272 hp and 400 Nm of torque. And if you’re looking for even more blood-pumping sensations, choose the available 3.6L V6 engine that brings a commanding 335 hp.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND AERODYNAMIC Every gram of unnecessary weight was removed from the structure of the ATS. The aero shields under the body direct air flow away from the car, while beveled taillamps deflect the wind, to further improve performance.
BREMBO® PERFORMANCE FRONT BRAKES Stop at will. The standard class-exclusive Brembo® front brakes, developed with professional motor sport engineers for the ATS Sedan, bring powerful braking performance and consistent pedal feel. Everything for increased peace of mind on the road.
MAGNESIUM PADDLE SHIFTERS Power shifting. The available Magnesium Paddle Shifters enable the driver to easily shift through the gears without using a manual clutch, offering you complete control without taking your hands off the wheel.
MAGNETIC RIDE CONTROL ™ Every ride made smooth. The available Magnetic Ride Control, which is a segment exclusive feature, uses a series of sensors to read the road up to 1,000 times per second and reacts to road conditions, adjusting the suspension to offer a smooth ride even on uneven roads.
SMART POWER Responsive performance and fuel efficiency. The 8-speed transmission in the ATS Sedan delivers incredibly fast, efficient and refined gear changes. Working together with the innovative Auto Stop/Start feature that turns the 2.0L and 3.6L engines off during vehicle stops in certain conditions, it helps conserve fuel during every journey for improved efficiency.
TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIVE THROUGHOUT Technology all around. From Keyless Access to Push-Button Start, a suit of advanced technologies in the ATS Sedan enhance the driving experience and help you stay connected. Intuitively designed and crafted from every angle, it is a vehicle that makes every journey simple, seamless and satisfying.
CADILLAC USER EXPERIENCE AND PHONE INTEGRATION Information at your fingertips. Cadillac user experience provides suite of real-time information and entertainment offerings such as climate, audio and settings, or available 3D GPS navigation. Available Apple2 CarPlay™ or Android™ Auto3 Phone Integration technologies enable you to access your contacts or play your favorite tracks from your iPhone® or Android compatible device with a simple touch of the screen.
BOSE® SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM Stunningly clear sound. Bose® Surround Sound System with Active Noise Cancellation technology offers a quiet cabin, so everyone inside the car can enjoy a concert-like sound experience.
KEYLESS ACCESS AND PUSH -BUTTON START Behind the wheel in no time. Unlock the car doors without using your key with Keyless Access. Simply press the button on the door handle to open, while your key is in your pocket. And with Push-Button Start, your drive will begin faster than ever.
INTERIORS 2018 ATS ABUNDANT ELEGANCE Meticulously refined details. With a luxurious leather-wrapped steering wheel, available Semi-Aniline leather, exotic woods and carbon fiber accents, the cut and crafted 2018 ATS Sedan interior is as functional as it is indulgent.


More comfort per kilometer. The available Performance front seats allow multiple adjustment settings for added support and improved comfort


Distinctive details. With a sophisticated metallic finish, the available Alloy Sport Pedals offer that racing edge to the ATS Sedan.


Looks good, feels even better. The hand-crafted upholstered instrument panel, door trim, armrests and seats make a stunning impression as soon as you step inside. Seven unique themes are available for the ATS Sedan, such as Semi-Aniline leather, sueded microfiber, wood or carbon fiber, all as unique as the driver.

EXTERIORS A MOST DYNAMIC PRESENCE Designed to slice through the air. The ATS Sedan has the body of a sedan and the soul of a racecar. It’s chiseled exterior lines and sharp curves give the illusion of movement even when the car is standing still, while the low powerful profile captures everyone’s attention.

PERFORMANCE WHEELS AND TIRES Enhanced performance. Run-flat tires are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured. The standard 17” premium painted alloy wheels on the ATS Sedan deliver excellent strength and ride comfort, offering more than just striking looks.

ILLUMINATING DOOR HANDLES A touch of refinement. The available outside door handles illuminate when you unlock the doors of the ATS Sedan, providing a distinctive technological style.

ADVANCED LIGHTING SYSTEMS See more than what’s ahead. The Adaptive Forward Lighting turns the HID head lamps as take the curve, helping to better illuminate the road ahead. The LED light signature gives the ATS Sedan a look that is unmistakably Cadillac.
DUAL EXHAUST OUTLETS A performance hint. The polished dual exhaust outlets available on the ATS sport Sedan are an additional indication of the performance and power it delivers.
LED TAILLAMPS Illuminated design. Light-blade LED taillamps complement the sleek appearance of the ATS Sedan with an unmistakable signature. The LED center brake lamp on the ATS Sedan, integrated in the rear spoiler, creates downforce that helps keep the vehicle planted firmly on the road.
SAFETY STAY VIGILANT Protection all around you. The luxurious ATS sports Sedan keeps watch with eight ultrasonic sensors, six radars and to cameras. These systems monitor the environment around the vehicle and alert you to help avoid accidents.
SAFETY CAGE Surrounded by security. With a high-strength steel safety cage and eight strategically placed airbags6, the ATS Sedan is designed to help keep you and your passengers safe in case the unexpected happens.
DRIVER AWARENESS PACKAGE An extra set of eyes. A large collection of safety features is available in the Driver Awareness Package4, for increased peace of mind. From Forward Collision Alert to Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning, they all work together to help keep you safe.
DRIVER ASSIST PACKAGE Enhanced on-road security. The available Driver Assist Package4 includes all of the features in the Driver Awareness Package plus additional features like Full Speed Range Adaptive Cruise Control, Front and Rear Automatic Braking, Automatic Seatbelt Tightening and full-color Head-Up Display, providing increased confidence and safety during every ride.
SAFETY SEAT ALERT Sees hazards earlier. The available class-exclusive Safety Seat Alert warns you of potential hazards and the direction they’re coming from by sending pulses through the seat cushion – left, right or front.4


  1. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth® and smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity, see my.cadillac.com/learn.Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth® and smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity.
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  5. Before making a lane change, always check the SBZA display and the side and inside mirrors, look over your shoulder for vehicles and hazards, and activate your turn signal.
  6. Always use safety belts and child restraints. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate child restraint. See the Owner's Manual for more information.
  7. Specifications/options featured on this page vary based on trim level. Please refer to specifications page on this website or contact your local Dealer.