2019 ATS Coupe
Dealer Advertised Price KWD  10,999
335 Horsepower
3.6L V6 Available
5.3s 0-100 km/h


Our owners deserve it all. That’s why 2019 vehicles are backed by a comprehensive suite of owner benefits​.

Complimentary Service & Maintenance available for Five years or 100,000km as standard on all Cadillac vehicles
4 Years Roadside Assistance available as standard on all Cadillac vehicles
Worry-free Vehicle Warranty for 4 Years or 100,000km as standard on all Cadillac vehicles


In addition to a range of accessories and interior options, the 2019 ATS Coupe comes with a choice of 2 trim levels:

PREMIUM LUXURY Premium Luxury features:
• 3.6L V6 with 335 hp
• Brembo front brakes
• Cadillac user experience
• Leathr seating surfaces
• 12-way adjustable front seats
• HID IntelliBeam headlamps with LED signatures
• 18" painted alloy wheels
PREMIUM PERFORMANCE Includes Premium Luxury features, plus:
• Magnetic Ride Control
• Cadillac user experience with embedded Navigation
• Head-Up Display
• Limited slip differential
• Performance suspension


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At Cadillac, every vehicle we sell is backed by our Premium Care Program. The most comprehensive suite of owner benefits offered by any luxury automotive brand.

From complimentary service and maintenance to regional roadside assistance and warranty for 4 years, the Cadillac Premium Care Program truly gives luxury owners everything they need.


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HIGHLIGHTS ATS COUPE TURN EVERY ROAD INTO A THRILL Sport at the core of every detail. With stylish presence, speed and agile handling, the 2019 Cadillac ATS Coupe is built for drivers on the go. Its distinct exterior seizes attention, while race-inspired features and a driver-centric interior make every ride more exhilarating. It’s where road reality meets that unique track feeling.
PERFORMANCE POTENT POWERTRAINS The ATS luxury Coupe, is a perfect balance of power, control and precision. With a stunningly dynamic design and powered by a 3.6L V6 engine, it’s a vehicle crafted to deliver an impeccable drive every time, making each ride feel outstanding.
LIGHTWEIGHT ARCHITECTURE A light foundation for strong performance. Every gram of metal that wasn’t structurally necessary was removed to help make 2019 ATS Coupe one of the lightest vehicles in its segment. In the process, our engineers also made it one of the most agile.
BREMBO® FRONT BRAKES Advanced stopping power. The class-exclusive Brembo® front brakes, designed specifically for the ATS Coupe, with professional motor sport experts, offer powerful braking performance and consistent pedal feel, for greater peace of mind on the road.
SMART AND POWERFUL Responsive performance and impressive fuel efficiency. The 8-speed automatic transmission in the ATS luxury Coupe delivers incredibly fast, efficient and smooth gear changes. While the innovative Auto Stop/Start feature helps to conserve fuel by temporarily turning the engine off during vehicle stops in certain conditions.
MAGNETIC RIDE CONTROLTM Every ride made smooth, every time. The available segment-exclusive Magnetic Ride ControlTM uses sensors to read the road up to 1,000 times a second. As a result, the suspension is adapted for a highly responsive and smooth ride in otherwise bumpy road conditions.
TECHNOLOGY ABUNDANCE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY The ATS Coupe includes a series of advanced technologies that delight. When using Natural Voice Recognition or when it senses your hand nearby, Cadillac CUE® comes to life. It provides visual or vibration feedback to your commands, letting you know your instructions have been applied.
CADILLAC USER EXPERIENCE2 Beautifully intuitive. The Cadillac user experience2 lets you access contacts, music and information with just a touch, swipe or flick of the screen. You can seamlessly connect and use your smartphone through Cadillac user experience with the Phone Integration feature for Apple CarPlayTM 3 and AndroidTM 3 Auto.
CUSTOMIZABLE DRIVER INFORMATION CENTER Your control panel, your way. The configurable, three-window, full-color Driver Information Center puts data about navigation, phone, radio or other elements in clear view
KEYLESS ACCESS AND PUSH-BUTTON START Get behind the wheel, effortlessly. With Keyless Access, the ATS Coupe senses the proximity of the key fob and automatically locks or unlocks the door. While Push-Button Start enables you to start the engine with a touch of a button.
BOSE® PREMIUM AUDIO SYSTEM Let your favorite tracks surround you with the Bose® Premium Surround Sound 12-speaker System with Active Noise Cancellation technology. With unwanted engine noise in the cabin virtually eliminated, every passenger of the ATS Coupe can enjoy a rich audio experience.
INTERIORS 2019 CADILLAC ATS COUPE EVERY INCH, POLISHED Refinement that surrounds you. The cut-and-sewn ATS Coupe interior is crafted to form with available exotic woods and exquisite trims, as well as available luxurious leather seating surfaces


Every kilometer, comfortable. The available front performance seats offer extra cushioning​ and more bolstering to provide support during​ dynamic driving​.


More room when in need. The ATS Coupe features a 2 position split-folding rear backseat that allows you to fold it down for additional cargo room.


Elegant throughout. A number of hand-finished design touches are available inside the ATS luxury Coupe. The interiors, available in four outstanding themes, feature selected materials like wood, carbon fiber, aluminium or semi-aniline leather, making an instant impression.

EXTERIORS INSTANTLY NOTICED Every line and curve drawn to seize the attention. As the ATS luxury Coupe approaches, you’ll notice its low athletic stance and iconic grille. While it moves away, you’ll observe the performance dual exhaust and vertical LED rear light signatures. All contributing to the unmistakable look of a Cadillac

PERFORMANCE WHEELS AND TIRES Enhanced performance. Run-flat tires are designed to retain their shape after a puncture, allowing you to reach the nearest service for inspection. Additionally, the available polished forged-alloy wheels provide more than just astonishing looks: they also provide excellent strength and smooth ride comfort.

ILLUMINATING DOOR HANDLES Function meets beauty. The Illuminating Door Handles on the ATS Coupe 2019 light up when the doors are unlocked, delivering a welcome glow after dark

INNOVATIVE LIGHTING See better what’s coming on the road. The Adaptive Forward Lighting technology in the ATS Coupe 2019 directs the aim of the High Intensity Discharge Headlamps into curves, while the IntelliBeam® feature automatically turns high beams on and off, depending on traffic.
INTEGRATED STOP LAMP Let others know your intentions. The LED center stop lamp is embedded within the trunk lid of the ATS Coupe 2019, providing excellent brake-warning visibility, while maintaining a clean and stylish appearance.
AERO PROFILE MIRRORS See and be seen. The aerodynamic sculpted side mirrors feature an integrated turn signal, meaning they’re not only functional, but also refined.
SAFETY SIDE BLIND ZONE AND LANE CHANGE ALERTS Peace of mind when changing lanes. As part of the Driver Awareness Package, Side Blind Zone Alert4 sends a warning with an amber icon in the exterior mirror if another car enters your blind spot. As an added protection, Lane Change Alert scans the area behind your car to send a warning if another vehicle is rapidly approaching your blind spot.
DRIVER ASSIST PACKAGE4 The available Driver Assist Package includes several features to help keep you safe. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert warns you of any detected rear cross-traffic, providing added confidence when backing up. Adaptive Cruise Control uses forward-facing radar and camera technology to automatically adjust speed, helping maintain the driver-selected distance from the vehicle in front. Front and Rear Automatic Braking systems can detect vehicles in front or objects in the rear and, in certain situations, automatically apply braking to lessen impact severity or avoid collisions. Automatic Safety Belt Tightening removes excess slack in the front belts to keep you securely in your seat during initial acceleration and spirited maneuvers. Head-Up Display (HUD) projects selected information, such as km/h, speed limit and rpm, onto the front windshield, allowing drivers to access that information without having to look away from the road.
PROTECTED FROM ALL SIDES A safety cage to rely on. Constructed with ultra-high-strength steel alloys and other highly advanced materials for exceptional rigidity, the safety cage of the ATS Coupe 2019 absorbs impact energy using strategically placed crumple zones in the front and rear of the vehicle. Inside, eight standard airbags deliver extra safety.
SAFETY SEAT ALERT5 See hazards earlier. The class-exclusive Safety Seat Alert§ in the ATS Coupe sends vibrations through the seat cushion to alert you about potential dangers and the direction they are coming from.


  1. The specifications described in this website are not essential on all models. Please check with your local dealer for details.
  2. Cadillac CUE® functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth® and smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity.
  3. Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple and Google and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphone and data plan rates apply.
  4. Safety features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Read the Owner’s Manual for more important safety information.
  5. Always use safety belts and child restraints. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate child restraint. Air bag inflation can cause severe injury or death to anyone too close to the air bag when it deploys. Be sure every occupant is properly restrained with seat belts. See the Owner's Manual for more information.