Cadillac powers Carpool Karaoke Arabia

  • The luxury automotive brand increases its focus on art and lifestyle in the region
  • Adapted to feature Arab celebrities on Dubai TV, the widely popular television show will be hosted in an Escalade
Cadillac powers Carpool Karaoke Arabia

Middle East –As part of the brand’s global direction and involvement in the arts, Cadillac is set to continue its commitment in the Middle East. The luxury marque’s latest partnership with Dubai TV will see a star-studded list of Middle East celebrities and influencers grace the region’s screens in the newly aired Carpool Karaoke Arabia, from the comfort of the brand’s luxury flagship SUV – the Escalade.

In collaboration with Dubai TV, one of Dubai Media Incorporated’s TV channels, Cadillac Middle East is showcasing the brand’s definition of spacious luxury driving with a Cadillac Escalade, used as the stage to host the show’s exclusive guests. First linked to US-based Car Karaoke: The Series, Cadillac has leveraged the opportunity to bring together Cadillac vehicles and the pop culture content for the last few years.

Since 2015, when Cadillac moved its headquarters to New York, the brand has increased its focus on art and culture. Always a feature of pop culture, Cadillac is looking to engage younger generations by concentrating on art, fashion, travel and entertainment. Testament to its amended direction, Cadillac has transported its focus to the Middle East, tapping into Carpool Karaoke Arabia as the ideal platform to communicate with fans in the region.

Nadim Ghrayeb, Head of Marketing, Cadillac Middle East, commented on the partnership, “Cadillac has always been an icon in the world of fashion, travel and entertainment and we are leveraging this equity both globally and here in the region. We are doing this by committing to the arts and culture by collaborating and co-creating with local talent and organizations from across the Middle East and working to support our global initiatives to the region as we have demonstrated with Carpool Karaoke Arabia, which is of high interest to our target audience.”

Sarah Al German, General Manager of TV channels at Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), said, “Our partnership with Cadillac is enabling us to produce Carpool Karaoke Arabia, an innovative program in terms of content and style. We are confident that the show will be successful with our viewers, following the impact of the original CarPool Karaoke format. It is a unique concept which has achieved record levels of viewers worldwide and attracted superstars including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Adelle, Justin Bieber and many more.”

“At Dubai TV, we have a broad marketing plan for CarPool Karaoke Arabia including advertising on roadside billboards, mall promotions and digital campaigns, complemented by public activations and competitions throughout the duration of the show across Dubai TV’s social media platforms,” Al German added.

The original Carpool Karaoke, a viral sensation, achieved worldwide acclaim with the most popular episode boasts 177 million views. Currently airing on Dubai TV, the Middle East program will see Hisham Al-Hwish, former Star Academy winner, escort some of the brightest Arab stars and celebrities, in an Escalade, taking them on a scenic tour of Dubai for the first time in the history of the Arab visual media.

With each episode shining a spotlight on a star’s artistic successes, singers will perform a selection of their greatest hits. If their expertise lays elsewhere, guests will bring their favorite playlist of songs with their choices becoming topics of conversation with Al-Hwish.